In densely packed urban areas like Chicago, IL, before a new building can go up, an existing structure must often come down. Demolition, as a necessary part of the urban life cycle, is at least as important as construction. Likewise, demolition in a heavily populated context requires experience, highly specialized knowledge, and the right tools to ensure the safety of workers, nearby businesses and residents, and the environment.

We at (XRB) Construction Services, LLC take great pride in our reputation as a leading local demolition contractor, which we earned over nearly two decades of safe and reliable performance. Our team of well-equipped, experienced engineers and workers knows exactly how to take buildings of all types and sizes down in a controlled fashion while maintaining full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

That unused building standing empty and blocking development is losing money every day for your business and your investors. We guarantee that our demolition work will not only be performed in a safe and effective manner, but also with efficiency. As your demolition contractor, we are as concerned as you are to make the transition quickly from demolition and clearing to lot preparation, and to get the process of construction under way.

Our crewmembers have received complete training and certifications for the handling and disposal of potentially hazardous materials. We are the best choice for getting the remnants of the demolished structure securely recycled or removed from the site for destruction. You can count on our demolition experts to minimize your exposure to liability, expedite permitting, stay on schedule, and ensure the fiscal stability of your entire project.

When it comes to demolition services in Chicago, IL, one company consistently leads the way. Come talk to us at (XRB) Construction Services, LLC to discuss your building demolition needs with our engineers today.

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