Building Permitting

The process of getting a new building project off the ground always presents a series of obstacles. After securing financial backing, hiring a team of architects, and choosing between their conceptual designs, countless steps must be taken long before preparatory work, much less actual construction, can begin on a site. These steps include compliance with local zoning ordinances and the acquisition of the necessary building permitting.

The building permitting and zoning processes here in Chicago, IL, are legendary for their bewildering complexity. The failure to obtain the proper permits in a timely fashion can result in frustrating delays and budget overruns, particularly for developers who are new or unfamiliar with the city’s laws and regulations. We at (XRB) Construction Services, LLC, have extensive experience in the local industry built up over 17 years. Our zoning and permit consultant services have repeatedly proven their high value for our clients. We then work closely with you to communicate with government agencies and community groups, to secure all the zoning and construction permits needed to get your project moving forward as quickly as possible. Having us on your side expedites the process, which it turns makes it easier to raise more funding.

We can help you with:

  • Building Code Compliance
  • Construction Law
  • Zoning
  • Code Change, Special Uses, Variance, Exemptions
  • And Much More

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